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Return Process
Wansan chip mall is the world's leading e-commerce platform for electronic components. All components are purchased only from the original factory or authorized agent to ensure the original and authentic products. Please check and accept the goods in time after you receive them. If you have any objection to the quantity, model and quality of the goods, you should put forward it in writing within 7 days from the date of receipt. It will not be accepted within the time limit.
What problems should we pay attention to when signing for goods?
1. When the courier delivers the goods to the door, you must check the outer packaging of the goods face to face. If the outer package is damaged, please do not sign for it and contact our sales personnel. Once you confirm your signature, it will be quite passive to investigate the responsibility of the courier if you find that the things have been damaged after unpacking.
2. After the express delivery to the door, please open the outer package on the spot for simple inspection. See if the goods have obvious deformation and damage. If you have any questions, please don't sign and contact the customer service personnel of our mall.
When receiving materials, inspect the materials in time. If the quantity and model are inconsistent and the materials are damaged, it shall be fed back in time within 7 working days after receiving the goods, and it will not be accepted within the time limit.

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