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Wansan technology has reached strategic agreements with nearly 1000 domestic original factories and agents, and has a spot inventory of more than 20 million electronic components. It is positioned to provide domestic electronic product manufacturing enterprises with one-stop supply chain services such as technical solutions, electronic material procurement, PCBA engineering services and electronic engineer technology community platform.
      Wansan technology has established five unique quality assurance systems in the industry (unified detection, unified warehousing, unified anti identification, unified delivery and strict control of supply channels) with the business characteristics of "authentic products, low price, spot and massive inventory".
      Only purchase from the original factory and authorized agent, so as to ensure the quality of the products sold. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of customers for various materials (conventional models, cold models and discontinued materials), our company has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 500 reliable stockers and OEM factories around the world to ensure to provide customers with timely and complete source information. Wansan core city has established a cooperative relationship with a third-party testing organization to conduct product quality and reliability testing to ensure that the components are 100% genuine. And set up warehouse logistics centers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to provide customers with a complete and efficient supply system. The company also works closely with express mail such as SF express, FedEx and EMS to provide customers with fast and economical freight services through advanced and perfect inventory management and logistics systems, so as to establish a perfect and reliable supply chain management system.
Relying on its rich product agency lines and high-quality R & D team, Wansan technology can provide customers with complete total solutions in many fields such as Internet of things, automotive electronics, industrial control and intelligent robots. We will also invest a lot of money to continue to develop our own technology platform with reliable e-commerce application services as the core, so as to better provide more excellent services for users and partners.
      With the rapid development of 5g, Internet of things, automotive intelligence and other applications, the prosperity of the semiconductor industry continues to rise. The company will continue to cultivate the agency distribution of electronic components, solutions, modules and terminal products, increase the R & D investment and market promotion of self-developed chip business, and further improve the company's popularity and market position in the industry.

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